CanBall Football Board Game

by Canball
Introducing CanBall games latest offering... FOOTBALL! 

American Football in a board game! This fast-paced game has it all... offence, defense and super exciting plays! Two players choose a team and face each other in an offensive battle, rolling the dice and advancing until their team scores, punts or has a turn-over! 

Gameplay is 4 quarters, and each team has 4 offensive possessions per quarter. 

Whether it's a Hail Mary pass for the win, a lucky field goal on your last possession of the game, or a series of back and forth scoring drives that rack up touchdown after touchdown... CanBall FOOTBALL is fun to play for all ages!

CanBall Games... created so everyone CAN play!


  • 1 - Game Board
  • 4 - Colored pegs
8 - Scoring/Out pegs
Pair of dice

  • Gameplay instructions


  • Players - 2
  • Ages - 6+UP
  • Family-friendly!