CanBall Board Game (Table Size)

by CanBall

No ball? No problem!

Now everyone CAN play BALL! Whether you're missing your slow-pitch league, baseball, fastball or T-ball - CanBall is the ball board game for everyone!

With the roll of the dice, is it a hit, walk, a home run or did you strike out?
Feel the excitement of the bottom of the 9th, bases loaded, 2 out, tie game pressure cooker!
Play a doubleheader or create a tournament with your friends!


  • 1 - Game Board 

  • 12 - Colored pegs
2 - Scoring/Out pegs
Pair of dice

  • Gameplay instructions


  • Players - 2 

  • Ages - 5+UP
  • Family-friendly!
  • Game board dimensions are 10.5" x 13" 

What is Canball?

Canball is a fun, family-friendly game for all ages. Just like REAL baseball, the home and away teams battle it out, inning by inning for the WIN! Roll the dice to see what the play is, move around the bases and score your way to victory.

A great way to learn how to play ball, CanBall teaches scoring, terminology, rules and plays. It's real-life ball in a board game!

Customer Reviews

I ordered one of your Canball games, we love it. Great work!

C.J. - Ontario, Canada

Great game. My Grandpa loves it. I beat him with a walk off grand slam!

Shawn B. - Ontario, Canada

I just placed an order. My 6 year old son is going to love this! Can't wait!

Josh A. - Quebec, Canada

Just bought it and it’s sooooo much fun!!

Gary W. - British Columbia, Canada